Veterinarians to the Rescue (VTTR) provides a number of services in line with its mission to reduce economic euthanasias.


VTTR provides treatments at low, or no, cost when not performing the treatment would threaten the pet’s life. Examples of these types of treatments include, but are not limited to:


Blocked Urethra


Heartworm Treatment

Orphan Neonates

Pregnant Stray

Toxin Ingestion



Wound Management


Even though some conditions aren’t immediately life threatening, they can negatively impact a pet’s life and cause unnecessary suffering. VTTR offers procedures/care for these circumstances at reduced, or no, cost. Examples of qualifying conditions include, but are not limited to:




Foreign Body Removal



Tumor Removal


Adoption Support

VTTR supports pets who needed our veterinary help, but are now healthy and ready for adoption.

Please check VTTR’s PetFinder and Facebook pages for a list of the current pets needing forever homes.

Neonatal Care

Pregnant cats and abandoned kittens do not fair well in overcrowded shelters. We accept pregnant cats and bottle fed kittens in our nursery. Once healthy and old enough, the kittens and mother are neutered/spayed and placed up for adoption.

Please check VTTR’s PetFinder and Facebook pages for a list of the current pets needing forever homes.


Once a cat colony starts, cats reproduce at a very rapid rate. These cats are often feral and not adoptable. If they are self sustaining, there is no reason to remove the cats permanently, but they need to be spayed and neutered to keep the colony manageable.

VTTR will trap feral cats, spay and neuter them, vaccinate them, and address any medical needs they may have. Within 48hrs they are returned to their colony to live out their lives or suitable working cat placements are found.

Feral Integration

After trapping feral cats, VTTR occasionally comes across a cat that shows promise for being able to integrate into a home. A lot of time and patience is needed to slowly gain their trust enough to accept human attention and love.

With our dedicated fosters who specialize in feral integration, we have successfully placed previous feral cats to loving in-house homes

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